The Boys Season 4 Episode 2 Review

 The Boys Season 4 Episode 2 Review, "Life Among the Septics." Discover the drama, humor, and intense moments that make this episode a must-watch.

The Boys Season 4 Episode 2 Review

The latest episode of The Boys is here, and boy, it's a wild ride. Season 4, Episode 2, titled “Life Among the Septics,” is streaming on Prime Video, and it's packed with drama, tension, and some hilarious moments. Homelander (Antony Starr) is still proving he's the worst dad ever, while Butcher (Karl Urban) and The Boys are falling apart. Let's break down all the juicy details of this episode.

The Boys Season 4 Episode 2 Review

"The Boys" Season 4, Episode 2, titled “Life Among the Septics,” is a rollercoaster of emotions and action. The episode kicks off with a hilarious clip from A-Train’s new movie featuring Will Ferrell and quickly dives into intense drama. Annie and Hughie deal with family issues at the hospital, while Frenchie and Kimiko struggle with their past traumas. Butcher drops a bombshell about his health, causing tension within the team.

At Vought Tower, the creative team pitches a superhero backstory for Ryan, which doesn't sit well with Sister Sage. Meanwhile, The Deep faces rejection and awkward elevator rides. The Boys attend TruthCon, where chaos ensues, and Kimiko battles severe flashbacks. A-Train's family drama unfolds as his brother exposes his fake heroics.

The episode builds up to a climactic showdown at the hotel, where The Boys face off against Sister Sage and Firecracker. Butcher comes to the rescue, and the team narrowly escapes disaster. The episode ends on a tense note, with unresolved conflicts and a promise of more drama to come.

Overall, "Life Among the Septics" blends humor, action, and emotional depth, making it a standout episode in the season.

  • Opening Scene: Episode starts with a funny clip from A-Train’s new movie featuring Will Ferrell.
  • Hospital Drama: Annie and Hughie deal with intense family issues while at the hospital.
  • Frenchie and Kimiko: Both characters struggle with their past traumas and emotional baggage.
  • Butcher’s Revelation: Butcher reveals his deteriorating health, causing tension within The Boys.
  • Vought Tower: A superhero backstory pitch for Ryan causes friction, especially with Sister Sage.
  • Elevator Awkwardness: The Deep faces rejection and uncomfortable moments in the elevator.
  • TruthCon Convention: The Boys navigate the madness of TruthCon, with Kimiko experiencing severe flashbacks.
  • A-Train’s Family Drama: A-Train’s heroics are exposed as fake by his brother, causing family tension.
  • Hotel Showdown: The Boys face off against Sister Sage and Firecracker in a dramatic hotel fight.
  • Butcher’s Rescue: Butcher steps in to save the team, showcasing his complex relationship with MM.
  • Emotional Climax: The episode ends with unresolved conflicts and a setup for more drama ahead.

Opening Scene: A-Train’s New Movie

The episode kicks off with a clip from A-Train’s (Jessie T. Usher) new movie, Training A-Train. It's got Will Ferrell as his coach, and the whole thing is just as ridiculous as it sounds. The director, Adam Bourke (P.J. Byrne), tells A-Train to get more into his role. Cue eye rolls and awkward silences.

Hospital Drama

Meanwhile, Annie (Erin Moriarty) is at the hospital with her friend who got hurt during Sister Sage’s riot. Hughie (Jack Quaid) is also there, dealing with some serious family drama. His dad, Hugh (Simon Pegg), is in the hospital, and his mom, Daphne (Rosemarie DeWitt), shows up, stirring the pot. Hughie’s not happy, especially when he finds out his mom has power of attorney over his dad. Ouch.

Frenchie and Kimiko’s Troubles

Frenchie (Tomer Capone) sneaks out of Colin’s place, telling him to stay put after getting whacked by Homelander. Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) has a session with her therapist, who suggests her muteness might be trauma-related. Kimiko is not having it and storms out. Drama, drama, drama.

Butcher’s Big Reveal

Butcher drops a bomb on The Boys, telling them he doesn’t have much time left. This news hits hard, and things get heated. MM (Laz Alonso) kicks Butcher off the team after a spat with Annie. Hughie tries to calm things down, but MM stands his ground. Tough times ahead for the team.

Vought Tower Shenanigans

At Vought Tower, the creatives are pitching a superhero backstory for Ryan (Cameron Crovetti) to Ashley (Colby Minifie) and Homelander. Sister Sage (Susan Heyward) doesn’t hold back, calling the pitch trash. Homelander isn’t too happy about being left out of the action, either. It’s all very tense and corporate.

Awkward Elevator Rides

Ashley catches an elevator ride with Sister Sage and The Deep (Chace Crawford). The Deep tries to worm his way into Ryan’s save mission but gets shut down. Sister Sage gives him some tough love, telling him to grow a backbone. Classic elevator awkwardness.

Hughie’s Family Issues

Hughie’s head is all over the place with his dad in the hospital. It’s hard to focus on anything else when your family is in crisis. Poor Hughie.

TruthCon Convention Madness

The Boys head to TruthCon, which is basically a circus of right-wing conspiracy nuts. Kimiko gets hit hard by flashbacks from her trafficking past and drowns her sorrows in A-Train Ale. Meanwhile, the team is trying to navigate the madness and stay on mission.

Firecracker’s Crazy Booth

Firecracker (Valorie Curry) is spewing conspiracy theories to a crowd of eager listeners. Kimiko and Frenchie follow her assistant, who turns out to be a duplicating weirdo. They find him having a fivesome with himself in a sauna. Yes, you read that right. The weirdness never ends.

A-Train’s Family Drama

A-Train is telling his nephews some heroic stories, but his brother Nathan (Christian Keyes) rolls up in his wheelchair and calls him out. Nathan demands the truth, revealing that A-Train’s saves are all fake. Family gatherings are never boring with these guys.

Convention Center Showdown

Butcher crashes the convention, leading to a clash with MM. Things get physical when Butcher brings up MM’s ex, Monique (Frances Turner). MM decks him, and it’s clear there’s no love lost between these two.

A-Train’s Olive Branch

In a surprising twist, A-Train offers The Boys footage that could clear Starlight’s followers. He doesn’t want to be exposed in front of his family, so he hands it over as a peace offering. Maybe he’s not all bad?

Ryan’s Save Mission Goes Wrong

Ryan’s first save mission ends in disaster when he accidentally kills his trainer, Koy (John Koyoma). Homelander tries to console him, but Ryan’s shaken and vows never to save anyone again. Homelander’s pep talk about humans being fragile toys doesn’t help. Way to go, dad.

Hotel Fight Frenzy

The Boys end up in a brawl at the hotel with Sister Sage and Firecracker. Butcher swoops in to save the day, kicking major butt. Firecracker’s assistant tries to swarm him with clones, but The Boys manage to save Butcher just in time. It’s pure chaos, and it’s awesome.

Final Confrontations

The episode wraps up with some heavy confrontations. Hughie tells his mom he’ll take her to court if she doesn’t involve him in medical decisions. Kimiko battles more flashbacks, and Butcher acknowledges MM’s leadership skills, though not in the nicest way. The tension is palpable.


“The Boys” Season 4, Episode 2, “Life Among the Septics,” is another wild ride. Homelander’s villainy might be getting old, but the rest of the cast is firing on all cylinders. The episode sets the stage for even more drama and action, keeping us hooked for what’s next.


1. What’s the main conflict in Episode 2 of The Boys Season 4? The main conflict revolves around Butcher’s health issues, the team’s internal strife, and Homelander’s toxic influence on Ryan.

2. How does A-Train’s character evolve in this episode? A-Train shows a more complex side by offering footage to The Boys to protect his family, revealing the fake nature of his heroic deeds.

3. What significant event happens during Ryan’s save mission? Ryan accidentally kills his trainer, leading to a crisis of confidence and a vow never to save anyone again.

4. How does Kimiko deal with her past trauma in this episode? Kimiko experiences severe flashbacks triggered by images from her past, leading her to get blackout drunk and violently confront someone at the convention.

5. What is the outcome of Butcher and MM’s confrontation at the convention? MM punches Butcher after a heated argument, causing a temporary rift within The Boys. Butcher later helps the team, suggesting a complicated alliance.

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