Inside Out 2 Review Who are the new emotions introduced in Inside Out 2?

Inside Out 2 Review: Discover how Disney and Pixar's sequel adds depth to a beloved world with stunning animation and standout performances by Amy Poehler and Maya Hawke.

Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out 2 is an incredible sequel that not only expands on a beloved world but also features an amazing performance by Maya Hawke.

When I first heard about Inside Out 2, I was skeptical. The original was such a hit, capturing the magic Disney and Pixar are known for. They’ve had their hits and misses with sequels – for every Toy Story 2, there’s a Cars 2. Plus, the first Inside Out felt like a complete story. Did we really need more? Surprisingly, Disney and Pixar have done it again. Inside Out 2 is refreshing and feels new, not just a rehash of old ideas. The animation is stunning, and the story touches the hearts and minds of every generation.

Inside Out 2 Review

Inside Out 2 Review

Disney and Pixar's delightful Inside Out 2 builds on Riley Andersen's original tale by introducing fresh themes and feelings including puberty and anxiety. Excellent voice acting can be heard throughout the movie, especially from Amy Poehler's Joy and Maya Hawke's Anxiety.  

Inside Out 2 Main Points

  • Refreshing sequel expanding on Riley Andersen’s story.
  • New emotions introduced with Anxiety voiced by Maya Hawke.
  • Outstanding voice performances by Amy Poehler and Maya Hawke.
  • Explores mature themes like anxiety and puberty.
  • Visually stunning animation with unique character designs.

Back Inside Riley’s Mind

Inside Out 2 brings us back into the head of Riley Andersen (voiced by Kensington Tallman), where her emotions – Joy (Amy Poehler), Sadness (Phyllis Smith), Anger (Lewis Black), Fear (Tony Hale), and Disgust (Liza Lapira) – are running the show. Things get interesting when a new group of emotions, led by Anxiety (Maya Hawke), show up with their own ideas on how to manage Riley’s mind.

Inside Out 2 Review

Voice Cast Shines

The voice cast in Inside Out 2 is fantastic. Amy Poehler returns as Joy and picks up right where she left off. Her performance is so good that it makes you root for Joy all over again. Poehler’s ability to bring Joy to life makes you care about Riley and feel for her.

Then there’s Maya Hawke as Anxiety. Wow, what a performance! Hawke captures Anxiety so well – the unease, overthinking, and chaos. She turns Anxiety into a character whose logic you can understand, even if it’s a bit off. Watching Anxiety’s development is fascinating because Hawke ensures it’s not a one-note character.

Riley’s Teenage Years

Kensington Tallman does a great job as Riley. She portrays the awkwardness of being a teenager without making it feel fake. Young viewers will see themselves in Riley, and older viewers will remember those challenging years.

Inside Out 2 Review

Exploring New Emotional Territories

Inside Out 2 dives into more mature topics like puberty and anxiety. It continues Riley’s coming-of-age journey naturally, not just because they wanted to make a sequel. The film also builds on the world of the original, showing Riley’s new experiences and how her emotions handle changes in her life.

Visual Splendor

The animation in Inside Out 2 is top-notch. I was worried they might skimp on the visuals, but they didn’t. The character designs are unique and colorful. Anxiety’s look, in particular, is fantastic, matching Maya Hawke’s energy. The new parts of Riley’s mind are visually exciting and blend different animation styles.

Emotional Insights

Inside Out 2 doesn’t just entertain; it offers insights into managing emotions. The film shows how important it is to balance different feelings and how crucial our other emotions and people around us are in quieting negative thoughts. This message will resonate with anyone who has dealt with anxiety or feeling not good enough.

Inside Out 2 Review

A Few Gripes

My only complaint is that Sadness, voiced by Phyllis Smith, doesn’t get enough screen time. She played a major role in the first film, but here she’s more in the background. I get that they wanted to focus on new emotions, but I missed Sadness being more central.

A Great Sequel

Inside Out 2 proves that Disney and Pixar can make great sequels outside of the Toy Story series. It has all the heart, humor, and memorable moments of the original, with gorgeous animation and fantastic performances, especially from Amy Poehler and Maya Hawke. This sequel is as remarkable as the first film and, in some ways, might even be better.


  • What is Inside Out 2 about?
    • Inside Out 2 continues Riley Andersen's story, introducing new emotions like Anxiety and exploring themes of puberty and anxiety.
  • Who voices the new emotion, Anxiety, in Inside Out 2?
    • Maya Hawke voices the new emotion, Anxiety, in Inside Out 2.
  • Is Inside Out 2 suitable for all ages?
    • Yes, Inside Out 2 is suitable for all ages, though it touches on mature themes like anxiety and puberty.
  • How does Inside Out 2 compare to the original film?
    • Inside Out 2 expands on the original with new emotions and deeper themes, maintaining the humor and emotional depth of the first film.
  • What are the visual highlights of Inside Out 2?
    • The animation in Inside Out 2 is visually stunning, featuring unique and expressive character designs and vibrant colors.

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