IPL 2024 KKR vs SRH Final Highlights, What happened in the IPL 2024 KKR vs SRH final?

 IPL 2024 KKR vs SRH Final Highlights between KKR and SRH, featuring key moments, standout performances, and the excitement of KKR's third IPL title victory.

The Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 reached its climax with an electrifying final between Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) at the MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai. This match was not just a battle for the coveted trophy but also a showcase of skill, strategy, and sheer determination.

IPL 2024 KKR vs SRH Final Highlights

IPL 2024 KKR vs SRH Final Highlights Match Summary

In a thrilling encounter, KKR emerged victorious by eight wickets, clinching their third IPL title. SRH, after winning the toss and opting to bat, managed to post a modest total of 113 runs, which KKR chased down comfortably in just 10.3 overs.

First Innings: SRH Batting

SRH captain Pat Cummins decided to bat first, but the decision soon backfired as their top order crumbled under pressure. Mitchell Starc delivered a sensational opening over, dismantling SRH's plans from the get-go.

Who were the key players in the IPL 2024 KKR vs SRH final?

Mitchell Starc was the star of the show in the powerplay. He bowled Abhishek Sharma with a beautiful delivery that swung late to hit the off stump. This early breakthrough set the tone for KKR's dominant performance.

Middle and Lower Order Collapse

After Starc's initial breakthrough, SRH struggled to form any significant partnerships. The middle and lower order couldn't withstand the relentless attack from KKR bowlers. Harshit Rana and Andre Russell were particularly effective in tightening the noose around SRH’s batting lineup.

Pat Cummins’ Contribution

In a bid to stabilize the innings, Pat Cummins played a resilient knock of 24 runs. His effort, however, wasn’t enough to prevent SRH from being bowled out for a meager 113 in 18.3 overs.

Second Innings: KKR Batting

Chasing a target of 114, KKR had a shaky start as they lost Sunil Narine in the second over. However, Rahmanullah Gurbaz and Venkatesh Iyer steadied the ship, making the chase look effortless.

Key Performances in KKR Innings

Venkatesh Iyer played a stellar role, scoring an unbeaten 52 off 36 balls. His aggressive approach, especially against Bhuvneshwar Kumar, was crucial in ensuring a quick and successful chase. Gurbaz provided solid support with his 39 off 32 balls.

Turning Points

Mitchell Starc’s opening over, where he bowled Abhishek Sharma, was a decisive moment that set SRH on the back foot. Another turning point was Venkatesh Iyer’s onslaught against Bhuvneshwar Kumar, which included a boundary and two sixes in a single over, dashing SRH’s hopes further.

Bowling Highlights

Andre Russell was the standout bowler with figures of 3 for 19. His ability to pick crucial wickets at critical moments made a significant impact. Starc and Harshit Rana also contributed with two wickets each, ensuring no respite for SRH.

Post-Match Celebrations

KKR celebrated their third IPL title with great enthusiasm. The players, led by Shreyas Iyer, were elated and shared their joy with the fans. The victory was a testament to their teamwork and resilience throughout the tournament.

Strategic Insights

KKR’s game plan was meticulous and well-executed. Their decision to field first capitalized on their strong bowling lineup, which paid off handsomely. On the other hand, SRH’s tactics, particularly their decision to bat first, and their inability to build partnerships, were areas where they faltered.

Player of the Match

Venkatesh Iyer was rightly awarded the Player of the Match for his match-winning half-century. His innings not only anchored the chase but also demoralized the SRH bowlers. Honorable mentions include Mitchell Starc for his game-changing first over and Andre Russell for his critical wickets.

Impact on IPL Legacy

This victory marked KKR's third IPL title, reinforcing their status as one of the premier teams in the league. For SRH, the final was a learning experience, highlighting the areas they need to improve for future campaigns. The 2024 IPL season showcased new talents and reiterated the unpredictable and thrilling nature of the tournament.


The IPL 2024 final between KKR and SRH was a fitting end to a memorable season. KKR's comprehensive victory highlighted their dominance and strategic brilliance. As the cricketing world looks forward to the next season, this match will be remembered as a classic example of how preparation, execution, and teamwork can lead to glory.


1. What were the key moments of the IPL 2024 final?

  • The key moments included Mitchell Starc’s early dismissal of Abhishek Sharma and Venkatesh Iyer’s aggressive innings that sealed the chase for KKR.

2. How did KKR secure their third IPL title?

  • KKR secured their third IPL title through disciplined bowling that restricted SRH to 113 and a solid batting performance led by Venkatesh Iyer.

3. Who were the standout performers in the final?

  • Standout performers included Venkatesh Iyer with his unbeaten 52, Mitchell Starc with his crucial early wickets, and Andre Russell with his three-wicket haul.

4. What were the tactical errors made by SRH?

  • SRH’s key tactical errors were opting to bat first on a pitch that favored bowlers early on and failing to form substantial partnerships.

5. What is the future outlook for KKR and SRH in the IPL?

  • KKR’s future looks bright with their strong squad and strategic acumen, while SRH will need to reassess and strengthen their lineup and tactics for the upcoming seasons.

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